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Sonora is an international prize awarded annually to composers of film scores. Since 2007 it has been organized and overseen by the Accademia Italiana Grandi Eventi (Academy of Great Events) in Rome. Despite being a recent event, it is considered the most prestigious award in Italy. Already in its previous editions the event received the support of the President of the Italian Republic, the Italian Senate, and the patronage of MiBACT, the Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities and Tourism.


Sonora is also a privileged place of encounter between composers, those who work in the field of cinema, and film fans. The prize promotes the knowledge and circulation of soundtracks. It stimulates the inclination of young composers towards creativity and innovation and aims to highlight the success stories that have been able to combine ethics, creativity, and research. The prize encourages and promotes new talent and brings their work to the attention of the public and the critics.


Composers of any nationality may enter for the prize according to the conditions listed below:


a) they are recommended by the scientific and technical committee;

b ) composers can enter themselves for the prize by sending in a CD that contains the soundtrack of the film in question, and attaching a letter of presentation.


The film that contains the soundtrack to be considered for the prize, must have been released for distribution in cinemas during the 2013/2014 season.


The individual prizes are: the Harry Warren Award (reserved for foreign composers); the Sonora Award, Critics Award, Best Soundtrack for TV Drama Award; Award for the Best Soundtrack by a Young Composer, Best Original Song, Best Sound Designer Award, Award for the Best Non-Fiction Book (awarded to books about film soundtracks). There are also special prizes awarded by the President of the Italian Republic and the Senate .


Winners of the prize include some of the most renowned international composers:  Alexandre Desplat; Lech Majewski; Flemming Nordkrog. Lifetime Achievement Awards: Roman Vlad, Luis Bacalov. Italian composers: Paolo Vivaldi, Pasquale Catalano, Umberto Scipione, Fabio Liberatori, Teho Teardo, Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi, Fausto Mesolella, Enrico Sabena ...


For further information contact: accademiaeventi@hotmail.it




Alexandre Desplat